Renewable energy in
harmony with agriculture

We are currently implementing over 15 agri-photovoltaic projects throughout Germany with an output of 3-25 megawatts per plant. Our pipeline includes over 500 megawatts and we cover development, realization, long-term operation and electricity marketing of our projects.

Develop Agri-PV projects in Germany together with us and enable the meaningful multiple use of agricultural land.

Advantages of Agri-Photovoltaics
for your agriculture

Increased resilience
to climate change

Crop protection from droughts, heavy rain and wind erosion

Your contribution to the energy transition

A positive impact on our climate, agriculture and nature

Double value creation in rural areas

Additional income through lease payments and profit sharing

Receive an attractive annual lease payment for your area of 2,000 - 3,000 €/ha from us.
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We are looking for arable fields and grassland
We lease land long-term that can be used for elevated PV systems or vertical solar fencing while maintaining agricultural use.
Our land requirements
Low growing crops, e.g. wheat, lentils, field grass or
Tall crops, e.g. grapes, berries, apple, pear
Land status: arable land and grassland
Size: at least 5 ha
You do not own an area yourself but know a land owner? 

We offer a commission of at least 10,000 € for the contact mediation. You will receive 1,000 € upon conclusion of the lease agreement and the full commission upon start of construction of the PV system.
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Are you interested?

Are you interested in cooperation and would like to lease your farmland or grassland? Or do you know landowners who are interested in leasing their areas for PV projects? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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