Energy is abundant.
We put it to work.

Our mission: 
Scaling renewble energy.
Starting with solar.

Solar power generation

We finance, develop and operate Agri-PV as well as PV ground-mounted systems with an overall power of 3-20 MWp in Germany. In doing so, we act as an independent producer of solar power.

Renewable energy sales

We sell the electricity from our PV plants with the help of power purchase agreements or via direct marketing. Would you like to buy power from renewable energies? Please to contact us.

We lease your arable land and grassland with an area of at least 5 ha for up to
4,000 €/ha per year.
Interested? Contact us.

Renewable energy in
harmony with agriculture

Increased resilience to
climate changes

Crop protection from droughts, heavy rain, hail and wind erosion

Your contribution to the energy transition

Delivering positive impact for our climate, agriculture and our nature

Double value creation in rural areas

Additional income through lease payments and profit sharing

Our exemplary projects throughout Germany

We are currently implementing over 15 agri-photovoltaic projects throughout Germany with an output of 3-25 megawatts per plant. Our pipeline includes over 500 megawatts and we cover development, realization, long-term operation and electricity marketing of our projects.

Contact us

Do you have a question or are you interested in our work? Contact us.

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